Nox Kelpiebrink

28 mei 2010


Nox is getest op verschillende erfelijke aandoeningen: 

  • Heupdysplasie: HD A
  • Elleboogdysplasie: 0/0
  • Erfelijke oogaandoeningen: Vrij
  • Hartafwijkingen: Geen (kleurendoppler)
  • Volledig schaargebit
  • MDR1: Vrij
  • Rug: Geen aandoening via MRI scan

KNox is an extremely intelligent and sweet dog who loves working. Nox can't hide his excitement when he has a task: trying to win an agility contest, garding a family or pack, consoling someone, ... 

He is complex, but very gentle and sweet to children and is unbelievably fast when trying to figure out a problem. Of all our dogs, he's the one who masters new tricks the fastest. Nox has experience working as a therapy dog with handicapped people since he's good at sensing a person's mood and how to react to it.  

Sport & showresultaten: 


  • Agility Graad 2
  • Dogtricks
  • Canicross
  • Therapiehond (vrijwilligebasis)


  • 4 x CAC Belgium Showchampion
  • 2 x CACIB
  • 3 x BOB
  • 1 x Promising puppy
  • 1 x Very promising puppy
  • 1x Best youth dog