Australian Beauty of Schmikes Yard

1 mei 2014


Elfie is getest op verschillende erfelijke aandoeningen:

  • Heupdysplasie: HD A
  • Elleboogdysplasie: 0/0
  • Polsdysplasie: 0/0
  • Erfelijke oogaandoeningen: Vrij
  • Hartafwijkingen: Geen (kleurendoppler)
  • Volledig schaargebit
  • Ectopic Ureter: Geen zichtbare afwijkingen
  • Rug: Geen aandoening via RX- scan


Elfie is an incredibly friendly, eager to learn and energetic dog. She seems born to work tirelessly: doing contests, learning new tricks, playing the entire day with our young daughter, she loves it all.
She's very fast and loves both a physical and a mental challenge.

In a pack she tries hard to keep everyone together. When she's alone, she's a calm and gentle Kelpie and loves to go shopping. 


  • Agility: Graad 2
  • Canicross
  • Dogtricks