Achak Devil Of highland


  • Wegens vachtproblemen en cryptorchidie (de niet ingedaalde testikel) is Achak op vroege leeftijd helaas gecastreerd. 
  • Artrose op het polsgewricht wegens een niet opgemerkte blessure. 


Chak is truly mad about anything that is being a dog: fetching, running, walking, eating and sleeping. He's often a bit of a "loose cannon" when he enthusiastically jumps towards you, but radiates warmth and friendship. 

He's the perfect buddy to take along on a long walk or for reading a book under a tree. He's excited in the morning, but needs his space at night. Chak thinks cattle herding and obedience training is the bomb and loves to show off how quickly he can execute a task. 


  • Agility Graad 1: Recreatief
  • Flyball : (stopgezet wegens blessure)
  • Wandelen
  • Joggen